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Face Elixir based on snail slime 30ml | RiNascitur

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Face Elixir of pure snail slime

RiNascitur Face Elisir Essential is an innovative intensive facial treatment designed to improve the appearance of all critical areas of the face and décolleté, indicated in case of skin relaxation, is able to give a shine effect thanks to the noble raw materials with which it has been formulated, in particular the exquisite snail drool and the 3 low hyaluronic acids, medium and high molecular weight contained. In fact, this product has been produced with very high percentages of pure snail slime, extracted from snails of the species Helix aspersa bred exclusively with natural methods, non-invasive, which allow to obtain a raw material of high quality.

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HOW TO USE: apply on perfectly clean skin a few drops of product on critical areas of the face and décolleté, roll out and tap the product to facilitate its absorption. Repeat the treatment morning and evening after careful cleansing of the areas to be treated, taking care to avoid contact with the eyes.

SNAIL SLIME: is naturally rich in functional substances such as mucopolisaccarids, allantoin, collagen, elastin, vitamins, minerals, lactic acid and glycolic acid, as well as amino acids, peptides and enzymes that synergistically carry out a restorative and repairing action, also able to promote the cell turnover favoring the cellular regeneration. The high quantity of mucopolisaccarids de contained has a protective action against external agents and causes the formation of an invisible“hydrogel” able to promote and prolong the cutaneous hydration; the α-hydroxy-acids contained, in particular lactic acid and glycolic acid, act by breaking the bonds between the keratinocytes of the stratum corneum so as to exert exfoliating action, non-aggressive, which promotes tissue regeneration by stimulating cytogenesis which gives the face skin a more uniform, luminous and radiant appearance.

The 3 different IALURONIC ACIDS at LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH molecular weight are all, in fact, sodium salts of hyaluronic acid, extremely more valuable, soluble and dermocompatible which act at different levels of depth resulting in greater resistance, firmness and firmness of the face skin. The presence of different molecular weights, exploits all the moisturizing potentialities of this precious substance, ensuring an improved global action. Hyaluronic acid is one of the fundamental components of the matrix of connective tissues where it determines the structure and has the task of maintaining high the degree of hydration, turgidity, plasticity and viscosity.

Hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight (20-50 kda) thanks to its high solubility is able to penetrate and redensify the extracellular matrix, reducing the unaesthetic signs of age such as furrows caused by wrinkles of medium size, it giving a toned and rejuvenated appearance to the skin of the whole face. The medium molecular weight (200-600 kda) acts at the level of wrinkles of lower depth reducing their appearance and intensity and is also able to promote skin elasticity; finally, the hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight (1000-1500 kda), more viscous, improves the brightness of the face by creating externally a film with immediate lifting effect and can protect the skin from multiple potentially harmful factors to preserve its youth, also resulting in intense skin hydration. This product is considered a real elixir perfecting the skin, it appears as a light fluid, non-fat that leaves no unpleasant residues, is absorbed quickly and very easily. It enhances the effects of the cream subsequently applied (day and/or night) or other facial treatments ideal for atonic and mature skin; it is an ideal product for all types of skin also for the most sensitive and delicate.


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