RiNascitur by S'agapó is our cosmetic line based on pure snail slime, snails coming from our own farms, and that therefore we do not buy from third parties but we produce independently. This means that only snails reared according to a natural outdoor model and fed exclusively with plants are used, without feeding of feed and synthetic products.

We respect the Cherasco Snail Method Academy, the only instrument of self-control of the sector, defined by the International Heliciculture Institute together with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. This approach allows to maintain unchanged the qualities of complex substances present in the snail’s mucus and, among all the species present, we have chosen to use exclusively the genus Helix aspersa, that is the richest one of mucopolissacaridi, allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, peptides and vitamins.

Our extraction system, moreover, is the most advanced ever: it is a "closed” cycle that prevents the contamination of the product, with a very low bacterial charge and acid pH. It is a cruelty free system, without the least suffering of snail…a "SPA for snails”! All these conditions together represent the best guarantee to obtain a really effective cosmetic product, able to extract the characteristics of this extraordinary and natural raw material.

Our products with pure snail slime can be used for a wide range of uses:

  • an intense and prolonged moisturizing action
  • an effective barrier against external agents
  • speed up the gurigione of small lesions of the skin
  • slow down the processes of skin aging
  • reduce skin spots (sun, age or acne)
  • restore elasticity to the epidrmide and counteract stretch marks on the skin
  • alleviate the scar marks
  • minimize wrinkles as "natural filler”
  • increase cell turnover

We did things with passion and so much discipline, convinced to propose a line that is truly up to all expectations. Effective products, in a delicate and pleasant perfume. But beyond all words, what matters are your feelings.



The Csiga hungary kft was born in 2018 from a project carried out by a group of enthusiasts, creating a natural cycle snail farm respecting the discipline of the International Institute of Cherasco Heliciculture; the choice to place the breeding in Hungary came from one of the founding members and administrator, Hungary was be chosen for the great natural habitat that the region offers.

The aim was to develop a circular system: to grow snails for food use, first extracting the precious drool, with a non-invasive system for snails, and with the drool to create a line of Natural Cosmetics “RiNascitur”: the target was reached in 2020.

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