Snail slime: properties, uses and how it is extracted

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Snail slime: properties, uses and how it is extracted

snail slime is considered one of the most effective substances for our skin . The uses of the burr are truly unlimited and start from facial treatment up to that of body and hair. It is therefore a compound widely used in cosmetics and body care .

Each product based on this substance is created through a different blend of components that enrich the burr and optimize its action. But when is snail drool suitable for our skin? Let's deepen the topic by analyzing every aspect of this particular substance starting from its properties and what it is made of.

When to use snail slime?

Snail slime is used for a very wide range of uses, especially to manage skin imperfections . This natural compound has proven to be particularly suitable for the treatment of all problems relating to the skin. Whether it's wrinkles or ugly scars, drool can quickly improve their appearance.

Properties and uses

It has been shown how the components of snail slime can interact positively with our skin thanks to the innumerable nutrients contained in it. In fact, our skin naturally needs some vitamins and other substances that help keep it healthy and strong. The moisturizing power that the burr contains is also a factor to be highlighted. Hydration is always the key to a young and radiant-looking skin.

How is snail drool collected?

Collecting snail slime is certainly a delicate process that requires the hand of an expert. Professionals in the sector have developed a number of different methods for extracting the substance from snails. There are different methods applicable but it is always important to establish a condition of respect for the biological rhythms of snails. When the snail is stressed and afraid, the quality of the drool and its composition are different.

Keeping this prerogative active, the possibility of extraction branches off towards two different methods:

  • manual extraction: in this case the manual process is very slow and delicate, the snails are collected from the farm and cleaned from the ground and any impurities. Then, through a slight stimulation with the fingers, the snail begins to produce very small quantities of drool. This mechanism can last a few hours in which very slowly it will be possible to obtain just over a few centiliters of substance.
  • extraction by machine: in this case the process is more immediate as it allows the treatment of several snails at the same time for the extraction of the slime. The movements of some machinery stimulate the snails through some slight vibrations to produce the drool.

The slime production by the Helix Aspersa species is a natural condition in which snails are prone to slime as a protective mechanism for their body. In fact, the slime allows the snails to move on every surface acting as a protective barrier against possible injuries or wounds.

Snails in natural conditions

The RINascitur company raises and extracts slime from snails belonging to its own farms. Snails are raised in natural conditions. Respect for the natural production environment is a priority to obtain a high quality product.

Best Face Cream

When you are looking for a good skin cream you need to determine its quality through some careful evaluations. We can say that all products containing snail slime are really useful for our face. The best snail slime cream must however contain the substance in very high percentages. A product containing diluted slime and in a dosage of less than 50% would certainly not have such a significant efficacy.

The best face cream containing snail slime, is undoubtedly that of RINascitur. In fact, the product contains pure snail slime in high concentrations. It is an extremely effective cream that can provide immediate results after the first few applications. The cream is indicated against any blemish starting from blemishes to scars, wrinkles and discolorations.

Anti wrinkle effect

The snail slime contains naturally produced substances, capable of giving a natural lifting effect to the face. This is possible thanks to the numerous firming and regenerating properties of the compound.

Pure snail slime: where to buy it

The cosmetic use but also the pharmaceutical one, has led to the birth of numerous specialized laboratories. All this has made snail slime a product accessible to everyone. When you decide to buy items of this type, you need to rely on the right company that offers a concentrated, pure and high-quality substance.

You can buy snail slime cream but also other products such as serums, scrubs, elixirs, sprays and much more directly in our Products section. RINascitur allows you to buy snail slime online with fast shipping and very affordable prices.

Application of products

In addition to the quality of all our products, it is also important to know how to apply snail slime correctly. The cream does not need a large amount of application. In fact, a very small dose on the tip of the finger is enough, which will then be tapped into the area to be treated to favor its absorption.

Would you like to buy our snail slime cream? Find out more by visiting our online catalog!


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