Perfect Skincare for Fall? All the useful tips for healthy skin

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Perfect Skincare for Fall? All the useful tips for healthy skin

Preparing the skin for cold weather is an important process to prevent it from suffering future damage caused by thermal stress . Let's find out how to behave so that our skin is always healthy, hydrated and radiant.

How to modify the skincare routine:

When the season changes, it is also advisable to change the products we use for face and body care . Just as happens to us, when temperatures change, our skin also has different needs and the arrival of the autumn season greatly affects its appearance and health.

A correct skincare for autumn includes:

  • Exfoliation : eliminating dead skin cells is a recommended operation throughout the year. But be careful, with the arrival of autumn it is advisable to reduce the frequency with which this operation takes place. The use of scrubs and exfoliants is healthy but risks stressing the skin if it is done more than it should. Once / twice a week will do just fine. If you have delicate skin, the treatment can be repeated even after 10/12 days, so with longer intervals between applications.
  • Hydration : It is very important to moisturize the skin every day and especially after exfoliation. Autumn is the right time to choose creams with textures rich in nutrients such as all creams based on snail slime .
  • Revitalizing treatment : at this time of the year, serums and cleansers are very welcome, but also masks and eye creams that awaken the skin. Again, concentrated serums based on pure snail slime can really work wonders!
  • Sunscreen : what we never tire of repeating is that sunscreen should never, ever be forgotten. Even the autumn sun rays can be harmful and it is advisable to apply a cream that protects our skin from UV rays that should never be underestimated.

Which scrub to choose for autumn

As we have emphasized, exfoliation remains a basic element for the health of our skin. But pay attention to the products you choose. It is always better to prefer delicate scrubs that do not interfere with the balance of the skin . The scrub contains microgranules that create a natural abrasion capable of eliminating all dead cells found on the surface.

Scrubs that are too aggressive are highly not recommended especially for dry or sensitive skin, but they are also not suitable for oily skin because it could generate the so-called rebound effect. The skin, feeling attacked, would start to produce more sebum thus becoming even more oily!

If you are wondering which scrub to choose, ideal for your skin would be a scrub with a moisturizing base that acts gently on the skin and stimulates cell renewal . The products that are best suited for each type of skin are scrubs based on snail slime .

Where to buy Snail slime scrub

To purchase a scrub of the highest quality , we recommend choosing the Scrub Rinascitur based on pure snail slime . This product contains very high percentages of slime of the Helix Aspersa species and has all the elements necessary for the skin to always appear healthy, nourished and very luminous. You will get a porcelain effect that will give new life to your face.

scrub bava di lumaca

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Don't forget a good moisturizer for your face

To keep the skin toned , radiant and soft, it is essential to moisturize it every day. Therefore, prefer thicker creams than those used during the summer

In this regard, you can choose from our products based on snail slime . The effect of our creams, serums and elixirs is immediate. After the first few applications you will notice that your skin will look completely different! The substances contained in the slime help the epidermis to regenerate and have a healthier appearance, free from imperfections! With the use of snail slime you can easily eliminate scars, wrinkles and spots! Don't forget to apply the products also on the neck and décolleté area.

Buy now pure snail slime cream

Are you interested in purchasing our products based on pure snail slime? Browse the online catalog now and discover all the properties of our products! You can buy directly online with fast and safe shipping! Do not postpone! Start your autumn skincare now!


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