Skin spots: here's how to remove them with snail slime

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Skin spots: here's how to remove them with snail slime

Skin spots , blemishes, dark areas and discolorations are just some of the most frequent discomforts that characterize our skin. This is a problem that afflicts many people and creates aesthetic insecurities. If you too have been fighting face blemishes for a long time, we have the ideal solution to your problem for you. snail slime is the most effective remedy against this type of blemish. So let's go deeper into the topic to better understand how snail slime works against the signs of the skin.

Why skin spots appear

The reasons why our skin develops a series of defects such as spots and marks , can be very varied and of different organic cause. Certainly the lack of hydration , stress and bad habits affect a lot on the appearance of our face but there are more precise factors for which the skin develops blemishes . Some of the reasons for this problem may be due to:

  • Excessive sun exposure,
  • The use of cortisone or photosensitizing drugs,
  • Hormonal factors,
  • A bad diet,
  • Vitamin deficiency,
  • Advancing age,
  • Acne redness and signs related to skin inflammations.


Most of the time, spots are composed solely of accumulation of melanin in the skin . To be clear, melanin is the substance produced by the skin when we tan that makes our skin darker. The spots are therefore areas in which the skin is more pigmented and appear on the face but also affect the hands, neck and other areas of the body. As an unsightly nuisance they are truly a problem for many and seem difficult to counter. In reality, snail slime can really be a effective remedy against this problem.

How to remove stains with snail slime

A constant application of snail slime on the affected areas can visibly counteract the problem. The results are really proven but in order for the product to act effectively, the application of the snail slime must be tenacious. A hint of change is visible already after the first uses but to obtain the resolution and lightening of the stain to be eliminated it is necessary to apply the product regularly, at least once a day. A very small amount of snail slime cream is enough to tap or spread on the area to be treated.

98% of users of this substance noticed significant changes on their skin after frequent use over time.

How does snail slime work?

The substances present within the slime are exclusively natural but very effective. Snail slime creams and serums can fight skin spots in a truly amazing way. The substance that acts mainly is allantoin, which helps the production of collagen and elastin. In general, all the compounds present in snail slime stimulate the skin to regenerate. The tissues therefore have a very reactive response to the substance. Regenerating the tissues also means renewing the cells and therefore "replacing" that portion of the skin that has accumulated more melanin forming the stain.

Lightening action

Snail slime is suitable for any blemish, not just stains! The constant use of snail slime cream or serum gives new light to our skin by eliminating excess pigmentation . Even in the case of dull, slightly toned and graying skin, the use of products containing the burr is very suitable. Even acne scars or wrinkles have shown significant improvements in appearance after using products of this kind. The lightening action of snail slime is given precisely thanks to cell regeneration. To cleanse the skin even more thoroughly from dead cells and impurities, it is also possible to clean the face through scrubs based on pure snail slime that speed up the renewal process.

Composition of Rinascitur products Snail slime

The Rinascitur company offers the best snail slime cream on the market. What distinguishes their products from those of all the others is the high concentration of the burr in all types of products. Whether they are serums, scrubs, tonics, elixirs or creams, there is always pure snail slime in high percentages.

The effectiveness of the creams used depends solely on this factor. A product containing less than 50% drool cannot guarantee the desired results. On the other hand, when the substance is present in a consistent manner, the results are clearly visible in a short timeframe. The changes are only permanent and clearly visible after a different period of time according to the type of skin, usually varies from a week up to a maximum of a month.

Where to buy snail slime cream

If you are looking for the best snail slime cream for the treatment of skin spots you can buy directly online by visiting our Products section. You will have a wide choice of numerous types based on your skin type. The snail slime cream is suitable for all skin types, the snail slime serum is a more intensive solution for skin characterized by sagging skin and is suitable for giving an anti-aging and luminous effect.

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