Skin care: natural remedies and snail slime

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Skin care: natural remedies and snail slime

For skin care , it is necessary to know some basics in order not to fall into common mistakes that risk damaging the skin rather than benefiting it. To obtain healthy and radiant skin there is no need to resort to special treatments or apply an excessive number of daily products. The trend of the moment is to make a disproportionate use of products for the face and body.

In reality, to have a healthy and balanced skin it is not enough to cleanse and moisturize it daily but only when necessary and above all with the right products. There are a number of natural remedies very valid for skin care such as snail slime .

Food and water

In addition to the use of suitable products, other aspects that affect the well-being of the skin are linked to factors such as:

  • Proper nutrition and hydration;
  • A good quality of sleep;
  • Physical activity;
  • Elimination of excessive stress;
  • Knowledge of the type of skin you have.


These factors inevitably affect the appearance of the skin. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential for the well-being of our body and consequently also of our appearance. Having said that, it is also important to be able to recognize the various types of skin to understand the most suitable type of treatment . Depending on the skin, in fact, some additional treatments may also be necessary, for example the use of a scrub to eliminate dead cells or a nourishing mask to hydrate the tissues in depth.

Recognizing the various skin types

Skin care is a subjective and different variable based on the type of epidermis. We have often talked about how hydration is the key for all skin types. However, it is important to recognize which only the types of skin that need more intensive hydration and which, on the other hand, are lighter.

The substance that seems to go against the needs of every skin (because it is highly rebalancing) is snail slime which is the best natural remedy for skin care .

You can recognize your skin type by looking at its appearance:

  • Oily skin: it usually appears shiny and greasy to the touch, in this case it is recommended to use a snail slime serum and not a cream. This is because the serum has a lighter hydration texture but still contains all the nutrients the skin needs to be clean and radiant and balanced.
  • Dry skin: easily recognizable due to frequent cracking. The use of moisturizing / regenerating products is highly recommended. The pure snail slime cream is perfect in this situation.
  • Combination skin: in this case we differentiate the T-zone of the face, which appears more oily, from the rest of the surrounding area. In this case, the alternating use of different products with different textures is recommended.
  • Impure skin: this type of skin tends to appear very dull, with grayish tones with the evident presence of blackheads and imperfections. In this case, a snail slime scrub would be ideal for purifying the face of older cells and regenerating the appearance and radiance of the skin.


Pure snail slime: the elixir of youth

snail slime is a completely natural substance produced by snails. The element that distinguishes it is its high concentration of vitamins and nutrients that the skin necessarily needs. After careful analysis it emerged that the burr is very useful in the treatment of any kind of skin. For this reason it has been included in cosmetics in the form of diversified products according to needs such as serums, scrubs, creams, elixirs and even make-up removers and skin toners .

The use of this substance is a real elixir of youth as it is able to quickly regenerate the cells of the face and body.

What is snail slime serum used for?

Snail slime serum is designed as an intensive skin treatment. It is a product with very high concentrations of snail slime . The serum is very effective in improving the appearance of all critical areas of the face, neck and décolleté and is particularly suitable for sagging skin. The snail slime stimulates the tissues giving them greater elasticity and tone like a real natural lifting . The results are visible already after the first applications.

Give the face a younger look

For the treatment of wrinkles, marks and scars, snail slime is the most suitable natural skin remedy . You will notice how constant application of the substance will allow your skin to be reborn!

Does snail slime really work?

It has been shown that snail slime is a component of considerable importance for the well-being of the skin. The snail slime products have proven scientific validations.

Obviously, the results depend on the concentration of the substance within the purchased products. Always rely on creams that contain a high percentage of snail slime inside. Only through sufficient concentration can you obtain and visualize the benefits for your skin.

Snail slime cream: where to buy it

If you need to buy snail slime products and you don't know who to contact, trust RINascitur!

You can buy directly online with fast and tracked shipping. Our products contain pure snail slime contained in high percentages for guaranteed results! Want to know more?


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