Is it possible to remove make-up with snail slime?

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Is it possible to remove make-up with snail slime?

Are you looking for the perfect makeup remover for your evening skincare but you don't want anything aggressive for your skin? Choose one of the most natural products for your face. Try RiNascitur milk and tonic based on pure snail slime .

When we use make-up on the skin of our face, removing make-up at the end of the day is very important. We strongly advise against the use of make-up remover wipes as, although they are a quick solution, they leave numerous product residues in our pores.

The perfect makeup remover

If we are looking for the perfect makeup remover, we must rely on a product that is able to purify the pores of external substances without altering the normal balance of natural hydration . In fact, when these imbalances occur, the production of sebum by the skin increases dramatically or, on the contrary, decreases, creating cracks and marks. If you notice such a reaction from your skin, it means that you are using products that are too aggressive or that your skincare is not the right one for your skin type.

Sometimes the products on the market in supermarkets contain very high dosages of chemicals that are not very beneficial for the skin, just look at the INCI of the product to immediately realize the naturalness or otherwise of what we buy.

RiNascitur has created a very gentle line for the skin. All products are made with high concentrations of pure snail slime . It is possible to buy snail slime in different types of products including creams, serums, elixirs, sprays but also emulsions for makeup removal and facial cleansing.

Tonic and cleansing milk in one product

People often ask in what order to apply make-up removers for skin care. For this reason, RiNascitur has created the combination of an ultra-gentle cleansing milk and a face tonic with a firming effect, all in a single product.

The substance obtained has high positive properties starting from cleansing the face up to its soothing emollient abilities that counteract skin relaxation and restore firmness even to the deepest epidermal layers.

RiNascitur Milk & Tonic is a fluid emulsion based on the purest snail slime and plant extracts. It is suitable for all skin types from young to more mature ones. With a single action, it combines the functions of cleansing milk and tonic useful for daily skin cleansing. Eliminates all traces of make-up, leaving the skin clean, soft without greasing. The peculiarity of the product lies in the fact that it does not require any rinsing. As we have already specified, the emulsion does not grease the skin, it leaves a light natural layer on it that does not need to be washed off as it recreates an excellent defense barrier for the face and gives it brightness and hydration.

Composition of the product

The snail slime-based cleansing milk is the perfect solution for all sensitive and delicate skin. The properties of snail slime act as a natural antibiotic to alleviate redness and skin irritation. After using our product you will no longer be able to change. The naturalness of snail slime will give your skin all the nutrients it needs. Looking in the mirror you will notice a healthy, shiny skin free of any imperfections. Our products are also enriched by following special formulas that make the action of the burr even more effective. Inside the Milk and Tonic RiNascitur we find the presence of important substances such as vitamin E , jojoba oil and cucumber extracts which exert a high astringent, purifying, emollient and refreshing action.

Another important element of the composition of the product is the presence of Allantoin , known for its moisturizing healing properties, it also has antioxidant activities against oxygen free radicals as well as stimulating cell proliferation by increasing the speed of healing of small skin lesions. Effectively counteracts the skin aging processes. If you are looking for an explosion of nutrients that make your face more defined and youthful, our line of cosmetic products is perfect.

Snail slime for the skin

Snail slime is a substance naturally produced by snails. They use their drool to protect the body during contact with surfaces. The "jelly" they are covered with is also able to speed up the healing of their wounds and create a strong defense barrier against external pathogens. RiNascitur by S’Agapò products contain slime produced by snails belonging to proprietary farms. Animals are raised in natural conditions and respectful of their biological rhythms. In this way it is possible to obtain high quality snail slime.

Snail slime cream

The snail slime cream is by far the most requested product. Its effectiveness on scars, marks and blemishes is truly amazing. Our products contain very pure snail slime in high percentages.

Buy skin care products

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