Skin stressed by the change of season? Here are some tips

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Skin stressed by the change of season? Here are some tips

Continuous temperature changes, humid air and cold waves are just some of the causes that lead to a stressful state during the change of seasons.

In general, when we move from one season to another, it is our whole body that undergoes changes. Readjusting and recalibrating to new natural rhythms and new temperatures often makes us feel more tired and fatigued. In these settling periods, our body needs additional nutrients to recover the right energy and to adapt to the arrival of a new season.

Just like our body, our skin also needs the right nutrients to stay smooth, healthy and shiny.

Several factors at the same time can lead the skin to be stressed and consequently to develop rashes or annoying imperfections .

One of the reactions that is increasingly evident is a greater predisposition to dryness. In many cases, especially with the onset of cold weather, the skin goes against a phenomenon called peeling in which, due to the cold, it dries up and annoying "skins" begin to form, giving life to many cracks, especially on the face. </ p>

Stress becomes even greater when you live in large cities or in areas where air pollution is greater and the air quality becomes very poor.

Skin contact with polluting atmospheric substances such as exhaust gases from cars and many means of transport also causes a lot of stress to the skin that begins to die off and to be less and less healthy.

How to take care of stressed skin:

1) The first piece of advice we would like to give you is always to think about hydration. This factor is always one of the most important elements for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

How to hydrate the skin?

Obviously, to ensure that the skin is properly hydrated, it is important to act both from the inside and from the outside. Carrying out just one of these interventions would be ineffective!

So be careful to apply a correct diet and integrate it with the right products. Only by combining these two factors can healthy skin be at its best.

As regards nutrition, it is important to balance one's nutrition with an adequate presence of fruit and vegetables. Vegetables in particular are said to be a "natural cosmetic" for the skin as they act from the inside and cleanse the epidermis of impurities. Obviously, the integration of adequate water consumption also makes a difference. Always try to drink at least two liters of water a day.

2) Relax! The second tip for treating stressed skin is to start relaxing yourself. Even when you are subjected to intense and prolonged stress, your skin suffers! In fact, it is no coincidence that when you are particularly stressed, rashes on the skin are not rare that are really obvious and annoying, and they can also leave the dreaded furrows such as those left by acne.

3) Take care of your skin with a proper care routine and therefore with constant skincare with natural and quality products.

4) Facial cleansing. Remember that before moisturizing the skin it is always recommended to carry out a proper cleansing of the face that allows you to eliminate impurities and dead cells to make hydration more effective. This operation must be performed with scrub for both face and body that are not very aggressive and that have an adequate and delicate graininess. </ p>

Buy moisturizing and regenerating products

Buying the right products when you want healthy, glowing skin is key.

As explained above, proper nutrition must be supplemented with adequate skincare in which the skin is treated with daily applications of special products. Choosing the right products really makes a difference. It is always important to prefer to purchase products that are 100% natural and that do not contain chemical reagents.

Purchasing random, instinctively chosen moisturizers at the grocery store is not really a good idea. We invite you to always take a look at the labeling which often refers to many chemicals that, alas, are very bad for the skin!

For stressed skin it is a good remedy to buy moisturizing creams or regenerating serums able to promote the rebirth of the skin and give it all the necessary nutrients.

The best products for skin hydration

The best skin care products you can choose are always products of natural origin. The most effective remedy for your face is without a doubt the snail slime. In the Rinascitur product range the ingredients present in the creams are completely of natural origin and are based on the purest snail slime.

Rinascitur by Sagapò products are products rich in nutrients and ideal for dry and dull skin. Also ideal for the treatment and removal of marks, spots or scars.

Snail slime cream

Snail slime has always been confirmed over the years as one of the best remedies for stressed and damaged skin. The substances contained in snail slime are a panacea for the skin of the face and body that give your appearance brightness and purity!

In our Home Page  you will find various categories of products for face and body including scrub , face and body creams, serums and beauty elixirs.

Try snail slime products! Be reborn with Rinascitur!

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