Can snail slime be used as an after sun?

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Can snail slime be used as an after sun?

Snail slime is truly a miracle product for the skin. This substance has proved to be a really good ally for our epidermis, especially in view of the summer season and the hot temperatures.

But should snail slime cream be applied before or after exposure to sunlight? Obviously the answer is: later. Before exposing yourself to the sun, it is advisable to use a special protective face cream. In fact, snail slime does not protect from the sun's rays but is excellent for treating the skin using it as after sun .

Hydration after sun exposure

In the summer, our skin is subject to great stress. The sudden changes in temperature and sweating certainly affect the appearance of our face which often appears dull, gloomy and uncared for. It is important to always maintain proper hydration especially in view of the summer heat. To do this it is first of all necessary to have a correct daily water intake and then drink adequately but also to use the right products for face and body.

Snail slime of the Helix Aspersa species contains many nutrients for the skin that can penetrate to the deepest layers and plump and hydrate the tissues. So if you are wondering if you can use snail slime as an after sun the answer is: of course! In this case, the drool will be really good for your skin which together with the color of the tan will appear velvety and soft.

All products containing snail slime are ideal for the summer season and give the skin shine and tone. The slime is suitable for young skin but also for more mature ones and a very small daily quantity is enough. It is possible to greatly enhance the beauty of the tan by applying snail slime after exposure! Thanks to its properties, the skin will appear more radiant but above all it will be well hydrated and without flaking.

Even out the complexion with snail slime

Sun exposure, as we know, can give rise to very annoying skin spots . Spots are nothing more than a buildup of pigmentation in a certain spot that can make us feel really unsure of our appearance. In this case, snail slime is truly a cure-all for the epidermis as it is able to even out the complexion. The drool acts very effectively on the skin by stimulating cell renewal and therefore a real rebirth! The drool will be able to even out your complexion and with constant use you will have a bright face free of any imperfections!

In addition, drool is also widely used as a remedy for any sunburn or sunburn. Its strong antioxidant and emollient properties promote faster regeneration of the epidermis. Of course, before this happens, we recommend that you always protect your skin effectively by applying adequate sunscreen to your face and body.

Rinascitur products very pure snail slime

For your summer, take care of your skin with RiNascitur products . The line of cosmetic products is truly vast. You can choose whether to buy snail slime cream , elixir but also scrubs, sprays, body creams and serums all based on this substance. As the latest innovation, RiNascitur has also created the perfect make-up remover for your beauty routine that combines cleansing milk, snail slime and facial tonic in a single product. Trust in RiNascitur. You will notice your skin changing quickly and you will never be able to do without it!

How many times to apply snail slime

It is advisable to apply Rinascitur products twice a day on the face or body directly on the area to be treated. The burr contained is present in high percentages in each product. Our snails are raised in natural conditions and what follows is a very high quality of what we sell.

Buy products online

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